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Habitat and Diet


Smilodon lived in grasslands, shrubby areas, and pine forests. They also occasionally lived in subtropical climates, and even savannahs. This means they are very VERSATILE and can live in lots of different climates. This makes it very easy to care for your smilodon, since they could easily adjust to the grassy state of your typical suburban backyard. This also means that they don't care if your lawn is disgustingly unmown or unraked. In fact, it might even make them feel more at home! So throw your lawncare troubles into the garbage.


Sabertoothed cats are carnivores (meat eaters) and prefer to eat larger, thick skinned prey like bison, horses, and mastodons. So, if your neighbor happens to have a pesky horse or five, just feed them to your loving Smildon. They will absolutely adore it, and chomp it right on up. You'll never have to deal with neighing in the night ever again! (Just be sure to never reveal why your smilodon is covered in blood, or why there are multiple horse skeletons buried in your backyard.)